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Arhiva / 2012

Clanci su arhivi sortirani po godinama. Nakon obabira godine listaju se arhivirani člnaci po kategorijama, njihovi naslovi i datum objave.

Dear colleagues,

We are honoured to invite you to attend the Fourth Edition of the International Proficiency Testing Conference 2013 (PT-Conf 2013), which will be held in Romania at Brasov, between (17)18th and 20th September 2013.
The main objective of this event is to provide a friendly and useful forum for the interchange of knowledge and expertise, of ideas and initiatives amongst academia, scientists, engineers, managers from supplier bodies of PT schemes, managers from laboratories of analyses and tests, from worldwide and from all ranges (aggregates, chemistry, electro techniques, food and feed, stuffs, environment, building materials, plastic materials, mechanics, metallurgy, microbiology, petro chemistry, lasers physics, plasma and radiations, soils, textiles wood, etc.), interested in exploring the manifold challenges in PT and the connected areas with PT.
More information on the event can be found on the Conference Website at www.pt-conf.org starting from this moment. If you would like to register at the Conference or at the exhibition, you can use on-line form or e-mail form, after consultation of the First Announcement attached.
Should you be interested in supporting the Conference and advertise on the Conference Website, please contact us at e-mail at contact@pt-conf.org. In doing so you will be nominated as a sponsor. Advertisments on the Conference Website will last from 1st October 2012 to 31st December 2013.

Best wishes,
Dr Eng Graziela Guslicov, Chair, PT CONF Steering Committee
#6 bd. Preciziei, sect 6, Postal Code 062203, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Fax: +(40.21)318.88.94; +(40.21)318.88.76
E-mail: contact@pt-conf.org

First annoucement2013 (pdf)

Datum objave: 21.09.2012

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