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Dear ILAC members

The IAF/ILAC Joint Working Group Inspection (JWGI), is submitting the
attached draft document titled "ILAC-IAF Inspection Body Multilateral Mutual Recognition Arrangement Text" to all ILAC members for a 60 day comment period. Please note that this comment period is being conducted in parallel with the 60 day comment for IAF members. At the conclusion of the 60 day comment period, the JWGI will consider the comments received and revise the document as appropriate. A 60 day ballot (vote) period will then be conducted in accordance with the ILAC Rules.
An introductory note from the Co-Convenors, Llew Richards and Merih
Malmqvist follows:
The procedures for a joint IAF/ILAC MLMRA in Inspection have been on the joint agenda for a long time. Each organisation has had time to discuss this separately as well as jointly. The Joint Working Group on Inspection (JWGI), as its last task, has drafted a Text for this joint MLMRA. This Text has previously been reviewed by various committees in both organisations.
ILAC and IAF are now ready to launch the next phase for a joint MLMRA for Inspection and would like to send the Text out to the IAF and ILAC
communities for comments. We hope to have the Text approved by our
respective communities before the 2007 General Assembly meetings, if
The documents can be accessed via the Member's Area of the ILAC Website, under Comments. The "Zip File" contains 2 documents as follows:
- ILAC-IAF Inspection Body Multilateral Mutual Recognition Arrangement text
- template for recording comments and observations.
Please submit your comments using the template provided.
The 60 day comment period closes on 9 July 2007 , so could all members
please forward their comments prior to this date, to the ILAC Secretariat,
by email: ilacvoting@nata.asn.au , or fax: +612 9736 8373.

Yours sincerely

Annette Dever
8 May 2007

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